Vegetable Hired Hand for 2018 and beyond.

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Stoney Acres is a diverse certified organic family farm Located in Athens, WI focusing on 150 member CSA, fresh market vegetables and a seasonal  Friday and Saturday farm to table pizza operation April 20th- Nov 3rd. We also have animals including pigs, beef cows and egg laying chickens and produce maple syrup, wheat, small grains and hay. 90% of our work is manual labor related to vegetable production. Employees do work on occasion with animals, help make hay, and work on pizza night.

 Our farm crew is made up of ourselves, 1 full time and 2 part-time employees, and several worker shares during each work day. You work closely with us in a family setting that includes a daily meal in our home, time around our three young children, CSA members, and our extended family. We are interested in hiring people interested in developing skills in organic agricultural production who want a farm of their own, and/or people who want a short or long-term career in a hired hand role. Our work is physically; and at times mentally demanding. We work hard and fast and love farming and we expect the same from employees. We are dedicated to paying a living wage and also offer additional benefits.

Hired Hand Position

Work Dates: March 1st-Thanksgiving (dates slightly negotiable). 40 Hours/week required, 48-50 hours a week desired. Limited off season work (December – February)available 1-2 days a week. Covering some winter markets and farm sitting work available

Major requirements/skills:  At least 1-2 seasons experience with vegetable production and/or farming desired; Comfortably carry and repetitively lift 50-60lbs (lift 80-100 lbs on occasion desired); Work in a range of weather conditions; Communicate clearly with us and other employees; Balance a fast pace with quality across tasks including vegetable harvest, cleaning, weeding etc.; Work in commercial kitchen and/or in customer service Friday nights for pizza night. Lead small farm crews on independent tasks; Help manage harvest schedule, CSA packshed, wholesale harvests, communication; help with planting and regular monitoring of vegetable crops, greenhouse planting and watering, irrigation. General familiarity with ripeness, harvest techniques, weeding/weeds, cover crops etc; clean driving record

Minor/occasional tasks: carpentry, fixing machinery, welding (experienced desired), making hay, fixing fence and moving animals. Carry out mechanical work e.g. tractor driving, cultivation, skidsteer operation, back up wagon/trailers; operate hand tools like drills, chain saws etc; Pizza night work includes food prep and customer service.

Opportunities for full-year employment through additional farm roles (managing wholesale accounts for a commission), your own land for other projects, mentoring and business development and much more. You can be as involved in learning from our farm as you like and we are happy to give you time to help develop your strengths.

The work week is as follows – Monday (7-5), Tuesday (7-5), Wednesday (7-6), Thursday (8-5) Friday (8-9). 1 hour unpaid mealtime/day. Friday night includes between 5-8 hours of pizza related food service and prep work.


Compensation: $13-$16/hour starting wage depending on experience with monthly raises based on performance (i.e. first month at $13, second month at $14, third month at $15). Estimated $23,000 -$26,000 for nine month season plus tips on pizza night. Copious seconds vegetables, eggs and other farm goods like meat, maple syrup and grains on occasion. Farm lunch provided daily. Pizza dinner provided during pizza night Fridays. Housing provided for 2017 in our Sugar Shack (like a cabin with electricity but no running water. 3 sick days and 3 in season paid vacation days (advanced scheduling needed).

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Stoney Acres Farm

7002 Rangeline Rd

Athens, WI 54411