CSA Newsletter Week 2 - June 9th 2016

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In Your Box

Baby lettuce

Bok Choy –You can eat all parts of these

Scallions–Wonderful fresh or cooked in place of onion

 Lettuce head (fulls only)- romaine.

Mixed baby brazing greens or mizuna- spicy and mild baby greens for salad or cooking.

Pea Shoots- All the flavor of spring peas but in the greens. Great in a pea shoot pesto, lightly steamed or sauted or added to stir fry. Remove the tougher lower stem.

Radishes/daikon radish (Fulls only)

Green Garlic (small shares only): use just like garlic but the whole stem. These are the “scallions” of garlic.

Spring Turnips- white bottoms that look like a radish but have a sweeter flavor. Use greens cooked and eat bottoms sauted, roasted or raw

Next Week’s Best Guess:  lettuce, scallions, Chinese cabbage, baby turnips, oyster mushrooms, kohlrabi, broccoli raab, kale

Important Reminders

Remember to leave the boxes at dropsites and to bring bags.

- Mark your calendars for the first big CSA event of 2016, the All Local Pancake Breakfast Sunday June 26th

-Most of the CSA kinks are coming out. Please contact us if you need to change pick up sites.