CSA Newsletter Week 17, September 24th 2015

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In Your Box


Hakuri “spring” turnips with greens- remember to use the great greens!

Beefsteak and/or Heirloom Tomatoes

Potatoes- red, yellow and/or whites. All great for roasting and boiling.

Carrots –


Onions- red and/or yellow. The range of sizes all store well.

Daikon radishes- a sample white, green topped white and purple varieties.

Bok Choy- back for this week only. Great in stirfrys and braised.

Celery—these are smaller and are best used in cooked dishes. See the mirepoix recipe

Sweet peppers- an assortment of many colors and shapes.


News from the Farm

Welcome to Week 17. The beautiful fall continues. We have a huge potato harvest this week – almost 80 bushels half of which will go into the CSA boxes and storage shares, the other half which will go into storage for the winter market. We started harvesting some other roots without tops like carrots, beets and daikon radishes for the box, and harvested squash at the end of yesterday which will be in the next 3 CSA boxes – including butternuts, butter cups, acorns are more!

Remember the pumpkin pick, pizza and pie event is this Saturday from 1-5pm. You will get to take home a pumpkin or two, snack on pizza and pie as well as fresh pressed apple cider. We will have a hayride to the pumpkins, will have several farm tours, will collect eggs from the chickens and can visit the piglets too! If you would like to get your pumpkin at an alternate time please call/text/message us.

As the CSA season comes to end (3 weeks left – Oct 14th is the last delivery) remember to return any boxes you might have forgotten in past weeks. We do have space for CSA members in our storage shares. Remember these are farmers market or farm pick up only – we have to say it is going to be a wonderful fall for storage shares because of the greens and warm temperatures.

 Have a delicious week- Kat, Tony, Riley, Ted and Maple


Kat’s Kitchen

Mirepoix, soffritto, German Suppengrün and the holy trinity. These are all variations on a theme, aromatic vegetables used as a based for soups, roasts, stews and sauces. Mirepoix is a 2:1:1 ratio of onions, carrots and celery (you can use the leaves); the holy trinity uses peppers in place of carrots and is the base for gumbos and many classic Louisiana style soups; soffritto adds garlic and/or tomatoes and suppengrun uses leeks, celery root and carrot. In all cases vegetables should be diced very very finely and cooked in oil or butter until aromatic about 5 minutes. You can then add broth or just water with salt and make rich stews. All versions can be used to improve your favorite chili, in place of store bough broth and will make dishes rich and flavorful. Last but not least using these to flavor starches like rice or to pan fry potatoes make regular dishes even better. Mirepoix soup: 1 lbs of onions, 1 lbs carrots, 1 lb celery finely chopped. Saute in a mixture of 2 tbs olive oil and 1 tbs butter until fragrant, add 5-6 cups vegetable or chicken stock, fresh or dried thyme, salt and pepper to taste and puree. You can use ½ cup cream or coconut cream for a creamy version too.


Simple turnip, daikon and carrot kim chi-style salad – there are lots of recipes for real kim chi using these ingredients on the web. If you want to explore it further we have used this recipe with some added fish sauce and hot peppers works great http://www.foodwithlegs.com/wild-pickled-turnips/. We actually like making a milder unfermented version as a salad/side dish/condiment. Thinly slice 1 daikon radish, 2-3 small turnips, ½ onion, and shred a carrot. Combine in a non reactive bowl with 1 tsp salt and stir with hands. Let stand 15-30 minutes, rinse with clean water, add 1 tsp fish or soy sauce (for vegetarians), thinly sliced hot or sweet peppers, 1 clove garlic and fresh ginger. A great burger topping or served alongside rice dishes too.