CSA Newsletter Storage Share #1 - October 23rd 2015

In Your Box

Brussels Sprouts- Break these off the stalks to store. To prepare clean off any dried leaves, rinse and cook.

Carrots –

Winter Squash – Red Kuri, Delicata and/or carnival. The red kuri are tear drop shaped, great for soup or mashing. Delicata and carnival are acorn types and nice in slices, rings or cut in half and roasted.  

Yellow onions

Swiss chard or braising greens

Winter Turnips- a white with bright purple (purple topped) or yellow with light green tops (golden) varieties.

Rutabaga – Great in stews, roasted or mashed. These have yellow skin with a pale dull purple top.

Sweet potatoes




News from the Farm

Storage Share #1 – Mark your calenders. The other storage share delivery/pickup dates are November 5th(or 7th at the market) and Novermber 19th (21st at the Market). Market pick ups are at 212 River Drive at the Winter Farmers Market.

Expect mushrooms in deliver #2 and Maple Syrup in #3. You will have greens in all three boxes this year and a similar mix of vegetables as this week with slightly different varieties and amounts. Also, please note that due to a huge amount of root crops from the late fall, storage shares also have the option of an additional free box or rutabagas, turnips, daikon radishes (or a mix or your choice) during the last delivery. You can also just take a few extras as well if that is too much.

In farm news we are almost done with the harvest – we expect to have carrots out of the ground late next week or early the following week, and are on pace to finish our out season. This is Jenny’s last week on the farm and Michelle will be here for another 2 weeks.

This Sunday we will be harvesting carrots for the neighbors’ place in Wausau from 1-5pm. They will be donated on Monday! Feel free to join us or to tell any friends who might want to come.

 Have a delicious week- Kat, Tony, Riley, Ted and Maple


Kat’s Kitchen


Root Vegetable “fries” – we make these with sweet potatoes and rutabaga but they work equally well with potatoes, slices of delicate squash (skin left on), turnips and daikons. Cut into rough fries peeing rutabaga, radishes or turnips. Coat with olive or sunflower oil (about 2 Tbs for 5 cups of veggies) and roast at 400 stirring every 15-20 minutes. Sook until they start to brown and squash are tender. Serve with honey mustard, aioli or ketchup.


Rutabagas (or turnips) 1 recipe 3 ways – cube 4 cups rutabaga or turnips and put into a large skillet with 2 cups broth and 1 tsp oil or butter. Add 1 tsp fresh or dried thyme or sage. Cook stirring to cook all sides of rutabaga until tender 5-7 minutes. When they are tender you can 1) pour off broth and salt and pepper to taste to serve as a side dish 2) puree in a food processor or with an immersion blender and serve as a side 3) Add additional broth and mash slightly with a potato masher and serve as a soup. Note you can add additional vegetables like parsnips, carrots and celeriac with similar results.


Stuffed Sweet potatoes- Using large sweet potatoes bake whole in the oven at 350 covering with a thin coating of oil and piercing with a fork. Check periodically for tenderness – they should take 30+ minutes. Remove from oven and cut down the middle. While they are cooking place ½ lb pork sausage or ground pork in a skillet. Add ½ tsp fennel seed, 1 tbs maple syrup, 1 tsp black pepper, 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced celeriac and 1 chopped onion. Cook until aromatic and the sausage is browning.