CSA Newsletter Week 18, October 1st 2015

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In Your Box


Hakuri “spring” turnips with greens- remember to use the great greens!

Potatoes- red, yellow and/or whites. All great for roasting and boiling.

Carrots –

Winter Squash – delicata or carnival (see recipes)


Red Radishes- even better than in spring. Mild.

Baby brassica greens – wonderful in salads or stirfry.

Kale – sweet, beautiful and tender.

Kohlrabi- these are big ugly storage kohlrabi but they are wonderful under their skin.

Hot peppers

News from the Farm

Welcome to Week 18. Happy Autumn . First a big thank you to everyone who came out to the pumpkin pick, pizza and pie event. It was spectacular weather and we were so excited to feed you, see you and to collect eggs with kids. If you were not able to make it and still want a jack-o-lantern pumpkin you can pick one up at the farm for the next week or 2. Just call or let us know if you are coming for pizza.

It finally frosted Wednesday and we are perfectly happy with it. We had time this week to finish to pumpkin and winter squash harvest, to get 2/3rds of the sweet potatoes harvested and all other frost sensitive crops other than peppers were done producing. We have all the peppers and hot peppers picked for the next few weeks and all of the fall greens like kale, baby brassica greens, cabbage and brussels sprouts will be sweeter and more tender!

In family news, Happy 10th Anniversary to us J We had a small ceremony in a community garden in Madison on October 2nd 2005. Can’t believe that our walk in life and farming started 10 years ago.

NOTE: STORAGE SHARES start on Oct 23rd for those signed up.

 Have a delicious week- Kat, Tony, Riley, Ted and Maple

Kat’s Kitchen

Winter squash Delicata, Sweet Dumpling, Acorn and Carnival- we grow many winter squash and everything we deliver to you is an eating (NOT GOURD) type of squash. This week you have Delicata &/or Carnival squash. Both are “acorn” types with a thinner skin and sweeter than acorn squash flesh which is best roasted. To prepare you can cut into slices, rings or just halve and roast at 350. Slices and rings should be oiled or cooked in a pan with added water or cider. Halved squash can be cooked cut side down. No need to sweeten these but if you want to a drizzle of melted butter and maple syrup or honey is fantastic. Some great CSA members recommended a chili-lime butter to top them as well.


Roasted Roots – on of the joys of fall, in our opinion is roasted root vegetable. You can prepare them, use them as a side or base of a meal and then can refrigerate and use them added to soups and stews, warmed up and topped with eggs for breakfast, mashed and refried into pancakes and much more. Combine 1 onion or several leeks, 2-3 cloves of minced garlic, and 2-4 lbs of cubed root vegetables including turnips, potatoes, carrots, beets, rutabaga and hot or sweet peppers if desired. Toss with 2-3 Tbs olive or sunflower oil, salt and pepper and if flavoring is desired smoked paprika, chili powder, rosemary and thyme or mixed seasoning blends. Roasted at 400 until roots start to brown stirring once if desired.


Great Fall Slaw -  ½-1 giant kohlrabi, 2-3 carrots, 3 radishes, 1 sweet pepper, celery or celery leaves if desired, 1 apple finely sliced. Grate Kohlrabi, radishes and Carrots, finely slice 2-3 celery stalks and pepper and apple – combine. In a jar or blender mix together 2 Tbs Mayo, 1 Tbs honey, 1 Tbs olive oil, 3 Tbs lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Toss and serve with sunflower seeds. You can make this with beets grated in for a pink salad, with greens added for texture.


Turnips, their greens and bacon – cook 3-4 slices of bacon cut into chunks adding turnip bottoms sliced into rounds. While they are cooking roughly chop greens. Add once turnips begin to soften and bacon to brown further. Cook until greens are wilted and add fresh ground pepper