Preseason Welcome 2014 - Note first delivery on June 12th

Welcome to Stoney Acres Farm CSA Season 2014!

These pages contain all the information you will need on how and where to pick up your vegetables, when and where farm events will take place, and how to care for your CSA box. 






Weekly email or text reminders –If you would like this option please make sure to include email with a accurate address. If you did not select one or both form of reminder, but would like to sign up for one you can email us at or text 715-432-4683. We will remind you the day of the pick-up. Email reminders will also include the e-newsletter. We have hopefully worked out the glitches from last season!


Weekly newsletters – there are paper copies of our newsletter at all dropsites each week. We will be offering e-newsletters (sent to your email) this year. If you would like to select this option and did not do so on the sign up form just email us and we will sign you up! Newsletters are the #1 way we communicate with you, letting you know about what is in your box, how to use it, recipes, news from the farm, event reminders, and other goodies.


Website- This is the place to visit if you are wondering when the big farm events are, need directions, need a recipe or are thinking about ordering meat. You can always download a weekly newsletter at this site as well.


Facebook – We have a main farm  Facebook page that we welcome you to join. We have a business page which is a glimpse into farm life and will have pictures of vegetables, general information, farm events, u-pick times are more


Coming to visit: If you would like to tour the farm, to help out one day, to see where and see how your food is produced you are always welcome. Please call in advance to set up a farm visit.


How to contact us – You can email us, call or text 715-432-4683, or use paper mail Stoney Acres Farm 7002 Rangeline Rd. Athens WI. The most immediate way to reach us is via text/phone, followed by email/facebook. You access the website at


Getting Your Weekly CSA Box


1) CSA boxes will be available for pick up in Athens, Wausau, Medford, Merrill, Marshfield, and Colby on Thursdays between 1-6pm; on-farm pick-ups can take place Wednesday after 4pm and Thursday all day. The season runs for 20 weeks, from June 12th until October 23th.  For those who choose to extend the season - Extended Season Shares continue for three pick-ups after the season. The pick-ups will be on farm and at the Wausau Farmers’ Market only: Oct 23rd, Nov. 6th, and November 22nd.


2) You have been assigned your CSA pick up site based on the box you checked off on the application. If you would like to pick up at a different address please call or email us to let us know as soon as possible.


3) When you arrive at your pick up site (see address below) you will be expected to select your box (Half shares (white) and Full-shares (Brown) will be separated) and to check off your name from the member list.


4) Weekly newsletters are available each week at the drop sites and online.  PLEASE READ YOUR NEWSLETTER! The newsletter is one of the main ways we keep in touch with our members. They tell you what is in your box, what to expect next week, contain recipes, have information on upcoming events, news from the farm, and writing on some agricultural topic. See information above in communication about newsletter format.  


5) When you return the next week to pick up your box, BRING YOUR OLD BOX WITH YOU! Drop it off  next to the full boxes. Take apart your box with care (do not rip it) and leave it flat. We have a limited number of boxes and are able to keep CSA costs down by reusing boxes every other week. We will also recycle egg cartons, maple syrup bottles, bags and even rubber bands if you are so inclined. Enjoy your weekly vegetables!!!


Drop locations


If you’re out of town or will not be able to pick up your box…   You have options

1) Have a friend, neighbor, or relative pick up your box for you. If you plan to do this make sure that this

individual knows where to pick up their box and which size box they will retrieve (either a half or full

share). If there is an emergency or you cannot make it to your drop please let us know as soon as possible.

2) Notify us at least 1 day in advance and we will not pack you a box for that week.

3) If you are in Wausau, you can have a box donated to Neighbors’ Place. Please let us know so we can mark our pickup sheet.


If you forget to  pick up your box call us. In some cases we can help you get your box late (Thursday night) or have it set aside until Friday morning. If you need to make a special arrangement let us know.


This Year’s Events - mark your calendar

All farm events (unless noted) are included in the cost of your share.

Weekly Happenings


Volunteer Days- We invite CSA members to volunteer and learn more about how we plant, weed and harvest food choose any several hour block, Monday-Wednesday between 8am-12pm or 1-5pm. Call or email ahead to let us know you are coming and to get details on how to dress, what to bring etc. We cook a big farm lunch each day and invite you to join us.


Pizza Nights at Stoney Acres Farm May 2nd – November 7th  

We will have weekly pizza nights at the farm serving food from Friday from 4:30pm-8:30pm. The pizza is made with ingredients from our farm including the wheat, sauces, vegetables, meats and with local and Wisconsin organic cheeses. Pizza Night is not included in the cost of the CSA but is a nice excuse to come visit us. CSA members can participate in u-pick events during Friday nights when seasonally applicable.




Important Dates/Seasonal Events


1st CSA Delivery Thursday, June 5th


Cooking Outside the CSA Box

Join Kim Casey chef extrodiare at one of two cooking classes with  menu based around the box and common veggies of the season.


Friday June 13th – Welcome to summer 2014 6pm. This class will happen during a pizza nights and Kim Casey will guide you through recipes from that week’s box as well as larger tips for making meals based around the seasonal bounty. You can drop in for all or just parts of the class and get some great ideas!


October 4th – In conjunction with the pumpkin pick and pie event, this cooking class will focus on fall vegetables such as squash and root vegetables which are staple in the box from late September-October. Come get great ideas for how to use those veggies at the end of the season when you might not be as creative as you were in July!


Pancake Breakfast and Strawberry Pick Saturday, Saturday June 28th

9:00am - 1:00pm - Our first farm event of the season. Tony has been flipping pancakes and perfecting his recipe with as many local ingredients as possible. Pancakes will be served with our maple syrup, homemade applesauce, there will also be homegrown pork sausage, scrambled eggs, local cheese curds, yogurt, milk and other drinks. There will be an opportunity to pick strawberries at this time. Each family gets at least 1 gallon (4 quarts) included in your share but opportunity to pick more is likely dependent on the season.


Harvest Festival Potluck and Barn Dance, Saturday August 9th

Featuring Hometown Harmony Club – 4:30pm - 11:00pm - Potluck at Stoney Acres (5-7) and Barn Dance up the Road at the Weiler (Tony’s mom’s family)Farm (7-11)  We will provide some breads and pizzas from our wonderful oven, you bring a favorite dish to pass, visit the farm at the peak of summer, and get down at a good old fashioned barn dance featuring Hometown Harmony Club. The barn dance will feature local organic hourderves, homemade wine and beer, and several non-alcoholic selections. This event will feature our annual fundraisers for the share-a-share fund/partner shares program to provide shares for low income members. Again see website for directions: or call/email us.


In Her Boots Friday August 15th (Note this is an event for farmers that we are hosting at our farm. Aspiring women farmers encourage to come!)

Current, new and aspiring women farmers can  join us at a MOSES (Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Service) event hosted by our farm. This all day event 10am-4pm will cover basics of organic production, considerations for balancing family and child responsibilities with farm work, farm to table value added business and more. Lunch  is included. Go to to register.


Athens Fair Float, Sunday August 17th

Thursday August 14th –Sunday, August 17th  (Parade will start on Sunday at 1:15 pm)

Known as “The World’s Biggest Small Town Fair” the Athens fair features among other things: a horse show, cattle and vegetable judging, midway games and rides, and the beer tent. Our float in the Sunday Parade has taken  first prize in the past. We always love for more people to join our homemade float in costume!



Slow Food Farm to Fork Dinner September 20th (Note this is not included in the CSA membership and we are simply hosting the event)

Save the date! Join Slow Food Marathon County for a multiple course all locally sourced gourmet local meal with wine and horderves at Stoney Acres Farm. This event raises funds for the Hunger Coalition of Marathon County and Slow Food.


Pumpkin Pick, Pie, and Pizza October 4th

1pm - 5pm -The nicest way we can think of to celebrate the closing of the CSA season and begin to put our garden beds to rest. View the fall colors, pick your own pumpkin, taste our homemade apple cider and eat pie and pizza.  


Other farm products and opportunities for members


Grass-fed Beef: This year we will offer grass-fed beef in 25 & 50 lbs packages ($6.50/lb), Quarter steers and and Half steers ($6), Whole Steers ($5.50). Frozen ground beef will be available as well for $5 per pound. This is the actual weight (not the hanging weight). Our Beef is from Galloway, Herford-Galloway Crosses and Scottish Highland steers raised and finished on pasture. They are rotationally grazed, which is not only natural for the health of ruminant animals but also improves the quality and health benefits of the meat. Our animals are not certified organic but none of our animals receive antibiotics or hormones and they are fed 100% organic hay and pasture. Our beef is dry aged, processed, and packaged by a local butcher, a state inspected processor. Meat that is "dry-aged" is hung to develop flavor and tenderness, yielding a flavorful piece of meat that is more tender. Most meat is "wet aged”. It is wrapped in plastic and refrigerated for a much shorter period of time. For information on the cuts in the packages, our herd, why we rotationally graze, and the health benefits of grass-fed beef vs. feedlot beef see our website.


The 50 lb. package has approximately the following cuts (depending on the specific size of the animal when butchered. The 25 lb packed is the same mix but half the amount, the ¼ steer is two times, and the ½ steer is four times the amount. 4 T-Bone/Porter House Steaks, 3-4 Boneless Ribeye Steaks, 2 Sirloin Steaks, 4 lb Cube Steaks, 1 Boneless Rump Roast Approx  2 lbs, 1 Sirloin Tip Roast  Approx  2 lbs, 2 Chuck Roast   Approx  2 lbs, 4 lb Soup Bones, 10lb box Beef Patties, 15 lb Ground Beef. For Quarters, Halves and Whole Steers you can choose your cuts with the butcher as well and have additional options for organic meats or specialty products like summer sausage.


Eggs- We will have certified organic, pasture raised eggs available on-farm at events, pizza night and at the farmers market for sale.


Pastured Pork: We have individual cuts, quarter, half and whole hogs available. They are raised on pasture, receive no hormones/antibiotics etc, are fed grain that we have grown or organic grains and vegetables. They can be butchered to your specification at our local butcher. The cost of pork including processing is $6/lb for all mixed packs (this is the actual weight).


Maple Syrup: You receive maple syrup in your first box. We have additional maple syrup available throughout the season and we can deliver it to your drop off site. If you would like to order additional maple syrup you can call or email us.  $8/pint, $15/quart, $50/gallon.


Raspberry/Strawberry U-Pick June/July: We will have strawberry u-pick during the pancake breakfast and before or after this date. See details in the pancake breakfast! Our raspberries had severe in 2012 and we replanted a patch last year.  We are not sure what this season will bring. We hope to offer CSA raspberry picking  but the plants will not be full sized until 2015, so stayed tuned to the newsletter.


Tomato U-pick Late August-Early September: Each family will be entitled to ½ bushel (about 20-30 lbs) of tomatoes for canning, freezing. We grow mostly Roma types (best for sauce and salsa) but have some slicers and lots of cherries as well. We will have a 3-5 week period of time where families can come out to pick tomatoes. We will have additional tomatoes for sale.


Additional u-pick or canning vegetables: Depending on how the season goes we will have pickling cucumbers, snap beans, and other vegetables available for u-pick and/or for sale to be picked up at your drop site. We will let you know about these opportunities through the newsletter.


Extended Season Shares –. Extended season shares include fall staples such as root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, rutabaga etc), cabbage and kale, squash as well as some of our wheat and maple syrup. These shares go every other week starting the week after the CSA ends and can ONLY be picked up at the farm or at the Wausau Farmers Market.


Organizing a trip for your community group: If you work with a youth group, book club, or community organization, and would like to tour or work on the farm, please let us know. We can also set up educational events upon request and have worked with a variety of community organizations.  


Thank you everyone! We look forward to a wonderful CSA season with all of you.

Tony, Kat, Riley, Ted, and Maple